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PayPal Payments  Join & Renew Instantly
SGSC now accepts New Memberships for non-UK adults and Membership Renewals for all members by PayPal.  PayPal, an eBay company, enables money to be converted to British Pounds and delivered to SGSC electronically.
SGSC History  The First 50 Years
Recollections of the Accomplishments of the Club and the people who made it happen, by Vice President John Ineson.
Saint George  An Illustrated Checklist
A 57 page presentation of St. George Postage Stamps, compiled by Michael T. Harrington.
SGSC Chairman's Notes  The Club Perspective as seen by the Club Chairman Melvyn Gallagher.
An article from each issue of the Bulletin containing the Chairman's views regarding the status and future of the Club, including current and upcoming events.
John's Jottings  John Ineson's articles published regularly in the the Bulletin.  Also includes his Chairman's Notes, from 1998 to 2010.
Checklist of Scout, Guide and Brigade Stamps of the World  Two Disk Set
The 23rd edition of David McKee's checklist for 2005.  Includes Charity Post, Local Carriage Labels, "Russian" Locals and DP Camp Posts.
GB Scout & Guide Christmas Post  A Comprehensive Catalogue of Christmas Post Issues
For more information contact John Crabbe
Philatelic Bulletin's Philately Online by Ron Negus  The Club is featured in this article in Philatelic Bulletin!
Stamp Magazine's Society of the Month  The Club is featured in this article in Stamp Magazine!
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