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(Formerly Scout Stamps Collectors Club)


a)   The Club shall be known as the "Scout and Guide Stamps Club".

b)   The objects of the Club shall be to promote the study and practice of philately and especially to encourage and assist collectors of Scout and Guide stamps with information on allied philatelic material and related paper ephemera, and support the world Scout & Guide Movements.


a)   Membership shall be open to all, but members under 18 years of age shall be admitted as Junior members.

b)   An applicant for membership, on payment of the appropriate subscription shall be deemed to have agreed to be bound by the Constitution of the Club in force and any subsequent amendments thereof.

c)   Every member shall be considered a Subscriber for the ensuing year unless he or she sends in notice in writing of his or her intention to resign to the appropriate officer of the Club one month before the expiration of his or her subscription.

d)   The name of any member whose subscription is three months in arrears shall be struck off the membership roll of the Club.

e)   Any member may be suspended or removed from the membership of the Club by vote of the Committee for breach of the Constitution or rules or otherwise at their sole discretion.

f)    The subscription for members and for Junior members shall be fixed by the Committee and shall become payable on the anniversary of the date of joining.

g)   Junior members shall not be entitled to vote at elections and the Committee shall reserve the right to curtail or withdraw any rights, benefits, advantages or privileges or membership from junior members as it thinks fit.

h)   Any notice sent by prepaid post to the address of a member registered in the books of the Club shall be deemed to have been properly directed and no claims shall be sustained on the part of a member who has failed to notify a change of address to the appropriate officer of the Club in time to prevent misdirection of any notice or other communication.

i)    All members will be subject to the provisions of the Child Protection Policies of the Scout and Guide Associations.


a)   The working officers of the Club shall form the Committee, which shall consist of a minimum of six members with power to co-opt, and three shall form a quorum.

b)   The Committee shall conduct the normal business of the Club including the election of members and shall have power to appoint Regional Representatives, to publish literature and conduct all services that further the objects of the Club for the general benefit of members and to make any rules that it considers necessary for those purposes.

c)   The committee shall have power to call General and Special Meetings and to hold elections (whether by post or otherwise) as and when it thinks fit.  It must call a Special Meeting if so requested by not less than ten per cent of those members who subscriptions are not in arrears.

d)   Regional Representatives may be appointed to hold meetings, initiate and extend publicity, encourage membership and generally to further the objects of the Club in their respective areas.

e)   The decision of the Committee upon all matters affecting the Club and not specifically provided for in this Constitution shall be final and binding on all members.


a)   The Accounts shall be made up, audited and published annually.

b)   The Auditor shall be elected annually by the Committee and shall not be a member of that Committee.

c)   All officers of the Club shall be indemnified by the Club for all debts incurred by them on behalf of the Club but the liability of the Club shall be limited to a figure, which shall be at the discretion of the Committee.


a)   This constitution shall be subject to amendment by resolution at any General or Special Meeting called for the purpose of which notice shall be served upon each member not less than two months before the time fixed for holding such meeting.

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